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Violet Summer

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August 20, 2022

AUGUST 20, 2022


Last updated September 6, 2022

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We know that this is a lot to take in, so we've put together the ultimate guide for all of the things you need to know about being part of our community, including how to contribute and access token-gated content.

Step 1

Connect to the Verse in 5 - easy steps! 

  1. Navigate t the top right hand of Violet Verse homepage. Hit "Connect"
  2. Hit "Blocto" and then type in your email address and hit "sign in/register"
  3. Go to your email account to retrieve the 6-digit number to verify your account.
  4. Enter the 6-digit number on the violet verse screen and hit "confirm"
  5. If this is your first time connecting your wallet, update your profile on the top right.

Generate Your New Wallet

  1. Click on the top right and go to "My Wallet."
  2. Then tap "Create Your VV Wallet"
  3. Tap "Approve" to generate wallet.
  4. You should now see your $VV Balance and also a module to Send Tokens

Here’s how to download a Blockto wallet. 

Step 2 

NFTs and Tokens

We love some positive reinforcement! In the Violet Verse we want all of our users to feel welcome. We want to encourage and inspire participants to engage with the VV community. Readers have so much more to gain when they enter Web3 and that’s what our $VV tokens represent.

Send $VV Tokens To Readers & Creators

We encourage readers to send tokens to writers/ creators on the platform. If you loved what you read, reward the author with $VV tokens!

Here's how to send tokens to creators.

  1. On an article page, click on the author name and go to their profile.
  2. Copy the creator's $VV Wallet Address by copying the address. The address is the number starting with "0x" in the purple box.
  3. Then go back to your wallet by navigating to right.
  4. Scroll down to the Send Tokens module. Paste the creator's wallet address. Add the amount. Then push send.
  5. Sign the transaction by tapping "Approve."
  6. Wait for transaction to complete. You can view the transaction by clicking
  7. Your wallet balance will be updated automatically.

Why $VV token? 

Our community consists of shining stars in the Violet Verse, a content lifestyle protocol and platform for creators by creators. We believe that engagement should be rewarded. Therefore with interactions with the Violet Verse content, readers are rewarded with $VV tokens! 

Token distribution has been programmed in the smart contract and validated by unique minutes per sessions as a tokenomic strategy. Since 2015, we have nurtured a community of socially aware readers who garner inspiration and value from the platform's curated content. 

Some are even lifelong supporters who reap benefits as we build influence together through $VV tokens. This cycle of trust will continue to evolve with the community media ethos that empowers our ecosystem. 

Earn and interact with the $VV token
Key Insights 
  • Token Supply: 100,000,000 
  • Token Symbol: $VV 

How to earn $VV tokens

  1. Click on "Market" on the top right and start consuming Violet Verse Content 
  2. Watch the "People of The Verse" Video Series 
  3. Visit our Discord server for our Web3 Writers’ Corner 
  4. Comment or Interact with an article 
  5. Connect with the $VV community and have them send you $VV tokens

How to Collect $VV Tokens
  1. Create or contribute something to the Violet Verse
  2. $VV readers can send creators who have a byline on the platform at their discretion.
  3. $VV readers can send other $VV community members tokens during IRL and Digital events.
  4. Attend a workshop or gathering 
  5. Obtain $VV tokens directly from by interacting with $VV contract address
  6. Explore VV contract on
  7. Explore the $VV Shop for books, candles and degen apparel. 

Step 3


Read the Official VV Glossary. 

Step 4: Community Awareness

As representatives of the Violet Verse this is how to check yo'self
Actions to Emulate
  • Create on topics you're passionate about
  • Communicate with others respectfully and honestly
  • Create with integrity and purpose
  • Contribute with intention
  • Stay connected
  • Embrace your Curiosity
  • Add Value
  • Follow the VV Workflow
  • Share what you learn
  • Be Kind
Actions to Avoid
  • Disrespecting the community
  • Spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt
  • Reporting inaccurate information Sabotaging the protocol
  • Straying from the workflow
  • Spamming nonsense
  • Upholding archaic values and
  • Passing judgment
  • Shutting down new ideas
  • Writing abhorrently and all caps
  • Being a little Bitch

Step 5 : Editorial Philosophy

We believe in collaborations that accelerate our roadmap and we only invest in ideas / proposals that are uniquely aligned with our core values and mission. Our community keeps us accountable. We are practitioners of regenerative finance.

Creators are the heartbeat of culture and valuable beyond publishing. Violet Verse aims to provide longevity on chain readers' and reward engagement with $VV tokens.

SEO Writing Format
  • Try to follow the AP Style Guide/NYT Style Guide as best as you can
  • Create headline with your chosen keyword toward the beginning
  • Sprinkle subheadings throughout your article
  • Add keyword to 1 subheading
  • Write in a colloquial tone
  • *Tip* Record yourself explaining your topic and take note
  • Rely on sources from reputable Web3 entities like BanklessDAO, GreyScale, Coin Market Cap, Coindesk, Consensys, and Blockchain Explorers like Etherscan, Solana Beach, Polyscan, etc.
Denoting Web3 Concepts
  • Web3 
  • ReFi
  • DeFi 
  • Eth, Btc, Sol (for cryptocurrency)
  • Ethereum (when referring to blockchain) 
  • Denote crypto with "$" in front 
  • DAO in all caps and italicize DAO name
  • Include disclaimer on all tech-related content at the very end of the article. 
  • *This is not financial advice. Do your own research.

Disclaimer: Nothing on the Verse should be taken as financial advise. Please do your own research. $VV utility reflects engagement on the protocol, accessing token-gated content and community events.


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