Digital Fashion: Not Just a Trend but the Future


New York Fashion Week 2022 had many firsts this year but that was not all.

Pooja Shah

By Pooja Shah



October 3, 2022

OCTOBER 3, 2022


Last updated October 27, 2022

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Digital fashion is not just a passing trend or fad, but really the future. There is great traction about more fashion in the Metaverse and this is going to continue to grow. $VV Core Contributor Reports from the front row.

Premiering on this platform, fashionistas and reality TV show winners experienced the novel ways in which trend influencers utilized NFT/Web3 events to promote digital fashion.

Nolcha Shows took over the 69th floor of the World Trade Center. The discovery platform that has promoted and elevated innovative brands over the last 14 years, transformed the 37,000 square foot venue into a two and half day experience. Full of web3 education, virtual reality activations, runway shows, and entertainment, it was an event not to be missed.

The goal? Connect and build communities across lifestyle fashion and tech-driven Web3. 

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The first day debuted two runway shows. One in the afternoon and one in the evening. The shows featured trendsetting, sustainable designers presenting their runway S/S 2023 collections including clothing brands.

Such brands include Host and Var, Kaiane Designs, The Tailory NYC, Mauricio Alpizar, Maya Seyferth, Nazraana Designs and accessory brands CoFi,  Zashadu, Aumora Gems, Nandanie, and Anna Zuckerman. Many influencers and fashionistas were in attendance as well. Including Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice and reality TV Show Love Island Season 8 winner, Ekin-Su. James Derrick, a TikTok influencer was present and even one of the show models.

The second day was an educational summit full of panel discussions and presentations. Industry leaders spoke to the future of Web3 across fashion. Many of these panelists and moderators previously held different careers like lawyers, toy makers, and investors. Before pivoting their respective journeys and career experience into a new industry, these panelists were and still experts.

For instance, audience members were fortunate to learn from female-led Investments & Innovation presented by BAD BITCH EMPIRE. In addition, other panels were led by members of Galaxy and the Fashion DAO. 

The world of cryptocurrency is predominantly male. And there is already discussion about the origin of the gender gap in crypto. Additionally, how to make it more of an inclusive space. Touching on some of these topics at the panels, speakers shared their sentiments and action items. Specifically, regarding how to make the digital world more inclusive and diverse.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the panelists: 

  • It is important to provide opportunities in the form of investments, mentorship, and access to the next generation to continue expanding luxury and fashion in the metaverse.
  • Women face many inequities (i.e. wage gap, gender inequality, etc.) and besides institutional change, perseverance and dedication are integral to overcome these obstacles to succeed as women in business.
  • There is a growing need for Web3 strategies to cultivate community and foster two-way consumer conversations that are set to take place with blockchain technology and the formation of DAOs.
  • Digital fashion is not just a passing trend or fad, but really the future. There is great traction about more fashion in the Metaverse and this is going to continue to grow.
  • The world is still trying to figure out how to regulate NFTs and there is some legislation around them, but much is still unknown. There are so many predictions about the scope of the metaverse economy, but people are still trying to figure out where in the metaverse this value will be held.

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